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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Some Attractive Places in District Bijnor………….

Here some beautiful places. These palces have own their Historical Stories.

Mandawar ka Mahal

The Queen Victoria of England was taught both Urdu and Farsi by Munshi Ali. Hence, Queen Victoria constructed the ‘Mandawar ka Mahal’ in 1850 and gifted it to Munshi Ali. About 8 kilometers from this Mahal on the Mandawar Blawali Road close to village Kundanpur there exists a famous temple called Galkha Devi. It is believed that Rukmani came here to worship and Lord Krishna
kidnapped her.

Najibudaulah’s Fort

After the downfall of the Mughal Empire during the 18th century, Najibudaulah aka Gulam Kadir constructed the Najibaudaulah’s Fort in Najibabad. This age old fort stands even today and was called as Sultana Dakoo’s shelter during the British era.

 Sena ka Dawar

The meaning of ‘Sena ka Dawar’ is Army’s gate. It is said that the Pandavas had gathered their army here. Currently there is a temple of Dronacharya the tutor of the Pandavas. This region is called as the village Saindwar. This village is beautiful.

Sita’s Temple

On the Chandpur-Jalilpur Road about one kilometer from Nanore village one can see the Sita’s Temple. It does not have any statue and is called popularly as ‘Sita Mandir Math.’ It is believed that at this place the Earth tored apart and Sita jumped into it.


About one kilometer from Ganj on the bank of the river Ganges Jahanabad is located. During the Mughal era, this village was a ‘riyasat’ with 101 villages surrounding it under its influence.  It is said that during this period a saint lived here who was known for curing snake bites. It so happened that Emperor Shahjahan’s wife was bit by a snake and she was cured by this saint and hence Shahjahan gave ‘Jahanabad Riyasat’ as a prize from Shahjahan.

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