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Friday, 18 January 2013

Roots International School | International School in Noorpur by Roots | School in Noorpur

Roots International School
Roots International School is English Medium School. Roots International School is located in Nahtaur Road, Noorpur, Bijnor. The Emial ID is info@rootsinternational.org and Web Site is http://www.rootsinternational.org. This school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). The Affiliation Number/ ID is 2131104.
The mission of this school is to provide educational programs and a learning environment, which will maximise each student full potential to become lifelong learners, responsible productive citizens and active community members in an ever-changing world. This will be achieved through a highly professional staff and quality management system.There are well educated teachers which are highly qualified. This school have a big play ground where all students play the games many types. In this school every months many activities are used for the students. There are many facilities for the students.

The Roots Vision is to provide the necessary resources and support to produce a safe positive educational environment that is conductive to learning and teaching.

The School has 3 fully equipped music rooms, one catering only for the KG department, another one for Primary and the third for Preparatory,Secondary and the British Division. Our highly qualified teachers train our students on listening,memorizing and reciting English,French and Arabic songs as well as tutor them to play a number of musical instruments such as:

  • Electric Piano
  • Drums
  • Oriental Drums
  • Spanish Guitar
  • Xylophone
  • Oud
  • Electric Guitar
  • Violin
  • Recorder


 The School is always keen to develop and enhance our students' creative flair. In rooms designed for each stage's age group. In our art program teachers’ begin by teaching the students the basic principles of drawing using different materials depending on each stage. Then they start familiarizing them with the foundation of colors. In addition to working on collage ,3D works, sculpture and other crafts that the students use Eco friendly and recycled materials to produce. We encourage our students by holding competitions and exhibiting their work on a regular basis.


The main purpose of P.E. is to develop students' physical abilities through the latest techniques which are utilized by our P.E. instructors bearing in mind the different abilities and preferences of our school body.


The School has a spacious library that contains a wide range of books covering various topics. The Library is used by the student body either according to set times in the schedules or during break-times. Students are always encouraged to borrow books to enhance their reading skills as well as satisfy their inquisitive minds.
Roots School offers bus transportation for students and faculty members, well-trained matrons and professional drivers accompany all buses.
There are many good facilities which is very useful for the students. There are many students comes from nearby villages and cities. The strengths of the students is good in this school. In the end of the month is meeting is organized for the students parents. The result of this school is very good. The class rooms of this school is clean and full of air.
In the class room many types of charts is located related to education.


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